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22.00 SR
Currently Delivering Only in Jeddah


Ajwa Dates Grade A (Organic)

39.00 SR
  • Delivery To Jeddah Only
  • Family Owned
  • International
  • mad
  • Madina
  • Non GMO
  • Organic
  • Within 400km
  • تمور عضوية
  • توصيل الى جدة فقط
  • عضوي
  • غير معدلة وراثيًا
  • في نطاق 400كم
  • ملك عائلي

Safawi dates are long, soft, moist and utterly delicious that are grown in Madina Almunawara, Saudi Arabia it has various health benefits and nutrition value of safawi dates these dates are black to brown in color, Safawi dates are wrinkly but how wrinkly they are varied greatly from date to date.


Can be stored up to 12 months refrigerator.