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Tabuk Region
Regione di Tabuk

Tabuk serves as Saudi Arabia's northern entry point to the Arabian Peninsula and acts as a bustling commercial hub that is home to several Vision 2030 Mega and Giga-Projects, including NEOM and the Red Sea Project. It is also known for its agricultural products, which include wheat, barley, grapes, pears, apricots, peaches, plums, and olives.

Tabuk funge da punto di ingresso settentrionale dell'Arabia Saudita alla penisola arabica e funge da vivace hub commerciale che ospita numerosi Mega e Giga-progetti Vision 2030, tracui NEOM e il Red Sea Project. E 'noto anche per i suoi prodotti agricoli che includono grano, orzo, uva, pere, albicocche, pesche, prugne e olive.