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Partner Farms

"Our Azkabasket Partner Farms Are Delicately Hand Picked Just Like Our Weekly Harvest"

Reconnecting With Our Food System

Our Promise
We strive towards shortening the food chain with regional farmers and producers, who share our values enabling more ethical consumption, one basket at a time. azkabasket.com gives you access to the most delicious seasonal, natural and organic foods.

Interested in visiting one of our producers and farms to learn more about their products first hand? Tell us when and we will plan it for you.

Farmers, Producers & More...

We partner with farms, producers and people who share our ethics and values. Each of our partners is hand picked, as are their products, to ensure we give you the very best quality that is ethically sourced.

Do you own or can you recommend a farm within 400Km of Jeddah or in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that is interested in joining us?

Get in touch and find out how we can work together.

About us

Azkabasket.com was founded by Azka farms, on the principle that healthy food, grown and cultivated locally and sustainably, is not only an essential part of healthy living, but something everyone deserves access to.

As part of this vision of promoting more ethical cultivation and consumption of food, our main objectives include:

- Shortening the food chain.
- Providing a platform for buying regionally grown and produced food.
- Supporting local and regional farms that meet our ethical standards.
- Providing more transparency into food sources.

akabasket.com products are for people who want to go on a journey that brings people closer to the land we live on and the food we eat. Our model is about community building, healthy living and empowering each person to partake in shepherding a more sustainable world.

Important Information

We specialize in providing ethically sourced products from the source to your home. All our fresh items are delivered the next day from harvest or production. Clean, fresh and absolutely delicious. (Within 48hrs or money back)

As part of our effort in Reducing Emissions & Lowering the Carbon Footprint all deliveries will take place on specific days depending on your time of ordering. We do the utmost to reduce the trips and keep efficiency at the highest level possible.

You may update your basket selection order after receiving your first order. Kindly make any requests or modifications prior to weekly orders close on “Sunday’s @3pm”. Baskets will vary week by week depending on the seasonal harvesting availability.

Typically we deliver on Tuesday / Wednesday between 1pm and 9pm. You will be updated of any changes. If location is not confirmed by deadline by “Monday 12pm” then your order will be pushed to the next delivery date.

Help to reduce waste and help the environment. Once you have received your Azkabasket delivery box, Kindly take your items and give the box back to the driver. We are constantly trying to improve our packaging solutions to remain as eco friendly as possible.