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About Us

Your Online Ethical Grocery Store.

In 2020, Azkabasket.com was founded by Azka Foods on the principle that healthy food, grown and cultivated locally and sustainably, is not only an essential part of healthy living, but something everyone deserves access to.

Contemplating the Qur’anic part from The Cave 19 (Surat al kahf): (and let him find out what food is purest there, and bring you thereof [some] provisions), Azkabasket.com aims to activate the role of participants in the food chain from vendors and individuals in applying food ethics from harvest and production to consumption. Helping to increase awareness of ethical practices in food sourcing.

As part of this vision of promoting more ethical cultivation and consumption of food, our main objectives include:

• Shortening the food chain.

• Providing a platform for buying regionally grown and produced food.

• Supporting local and regional farms that meet our ethical standards.

• Providing more transparency into food sources.

Azkabasket.com products are for people who want to go on a journey that brings people closer to the land we live on and the food we eat. Our model is about community building, healthy living and empowering each person to partake in shepherding a more sustainable world.

Our Promise

We strive towards shortening the food chain with regional farmers and vendors, who share our values enabling more ethical consumption, one basket at a time.

Our Products

azkabasket.com gives you access to the most delicious seasonal, natural and organic foods. We partner with passionate farmers and vendors to ethically source produce from the region to your home.

Azkabasket Pillars

To achieve high-quality, healthy foods in more ethical and sustainable ways, Azkabasket has created several pillars.

Our pillars define our most important goals, and they guide us in everything we do.


Fresh Seasonal Produce.

Next day delivery after harvest.


All produce we source and deliver is guaranteed to be free of unnatural chemicals and pesticides to protect our families and beautiful planet.

Farm to Home.


Distancing and carbon footprint and Shortening the food chain

By sourcing food as locally as possible, and shortening the distance between home and harvest, we strive to reduce the carbon footprint of our customers

Distance 1: Sourced from within 400 km

Distance 2: More than 400 km

Distance 3: Outside the kingdom



Transparency for the consumer

Introducing the farms, distancing, carbon footprint, farm visits

Supporting producers and vendors

Using tech to empower community



All vendors paid within 24 hours. No late payments.

“What you eat has already been paid for”

Ethically Sourced

Fair Employment and treatment of labor

Treating workers with respect and gratitude is a criterion in Azka partner farms selection

Animal Care.

Frequently asked Questions:

1- what is the concept of the farm

We are not a farm but an online platform that connects our users to multiple farms and producers that provide organic and ethically sourced produce.

2- in what city you are based

We are based out of Jeddah

3- do you offer a delivery service around the kingdom!

At the moment we are serving Jeddah City and have a plan to serve kingdom wide

4- are you one farm or group of farms?

We are a series of partner farms & producers around the kingdom.

5- what are the packages/ services you offer?

We offer specialized assortments of vegetables, herbs , dairy, pantry items and more . These are called Azkabasket’s and are delivered to your home weekly.

6- how many products do you offer?

At the moment we offer 4 different basket types and will be introducing the full range over the coming months