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مزرعة بابل


A local hydroponic farm located in Makkah region ,seeks to provide the finest types of leafy greens to the consumer.. The idea of the Babel farm came as a solution to the dilemma of agriculture in the Arabian Peninsula, the lack of water and the intense heat in it made agriculture difficult...so the owners of the farm decided to invest in finding and creating solutions to overcome these obstacles..so they decided to invest in tropical hydroponics...which is an indoor farm that can control the temperature Within it and the production of quantities throughout the year in a continuous manner. Moreover, this technique saves about 90% of water consumption compared to traditional outdoor cultivation. And because their headquarters is approximately 80 kilometers away from Jeddah, the “food miles” are much reduced compared to other greens imported from all over the world. Sustainability is their goal ,hoping to provide useful and natural products to consumers and to be environmentally friendly as well. Among their products are baby arugula, baby spinach, lettuce mix, Italian basil and rosemary.


Farm Location: Makkah Region

Farm Size: 250 squared meter

Farm Type: Hydroponic farm