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Naqwat Al Nanaa Farm

Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah District, Al-Jafr.

Naqwat Al Nanaa Farm

Located in Al Jafer town in the Al Madinah region Naqwat Al Nanaa is owned by the Ahmadi Family who have been farming for over 5 generations. Known for their herbs and specifically their range of fresh mints the farm also produces a wide range of outstanding seasonal vegetables that are organic and delicious. Ayad Al-Ahmadi owner of Naqwat Al-Nanaa Farm located in Al-Jafr, one of our first Partner farms participating with Azkabasket.com.

Organic Certifications are under process by supervision of MEWA.

In January 2022, the farm received a certification of certification proving that its products are organically grown. Mr. Ayyad Al Ahmadi the farm owner proudly works with his hands along with his team on the farm. The farm owner treats his farm workers like his family always making sure that they are safe, satisfied and happy.
Natural water wells provide water continuously for the farm and with abundant flowing water, thank God, this helps to produce high quality herbs and vegetables.
Azka Company and the owner of the farm are also pleased to welcome everyone who wishes to visit the Nagwa mint farm at any time to experience the beauty and pleasure of nature's life. In our opinion, Nagwa Mint Farm produces a range of the most delicious herbs and vegetables that we do not think have ever been tried and are among the best in quality available at this time. That is why we presented it to all our customers as one of the farms that offers the best fresh foods, God willing.

مزرعة نقوة النعناع

منطقة المدينة المنورة، الجفر.

Naqwat Al Nanaa Farm

Service area: Jeddah
Size: 500000
Farm type: Farms