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Al-Jouf Region
Regione Al-Jawf

Al-Jouf is characterized by its rich agricultural lands, diversity of crops, olive trees, and mineral resources. The region has the world's largest modern olive farm, as registered in the Guinness World Records. It is also known for producing samh seeds, which are ground and used in baking to increase the dishes’ protein content.

Al-Jouf è caratterizzata dai suoi ricchi terreni agricoli, dalla diversità delle colture, dagli ulivi e dalle risorse minerarie. La regione ha la più grande azienda olivicola moderna del mondo, come registrato nel Guinness World Records. E 'noto anche per la produzione di semi Samh che vengono macinati e utilizzati in cottura per aumentare il contenuto proteico dei piatti.

Samh Seeds

Al-Samah plant, which is unique to the Al-Jouf region, is recognized as one of the important foods used in the desert and town when food is scarce; it is a natural source of non-genetically modified sources of protein. The wild plant of Al-Samah, which is characterized by Al-Jouf region, gives seeds which are used in making bread and different sweets such as cake, maamoul dates, baraziq, and petitfor; making tamaj and Bakila (which is the addition of al-Samah seeds with date paste). In the past, it was and is still a source of food and a source of income for the people of Al-Jouf region.