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Bee Ways

Founded by Saeed Badghaish, Subul Al-Nehel Apiaries for beekeeping and honey production, is an official facility registered in the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture as well as in the Ministry of Commerce . Since 2000, Saeed’s passion for honey and bees turned in to a vision to help us all understand them. He and his team were keen to produce the finest types of local honey and believed it would meet the global standards. After doing the necessary laboratory tests we found that the results were excellent and that we could rival the honeys of the world. The unique habitats that our bees pollinate from and use to make their honey, makes our taste and quality very Special. We are confident that local plants have flowers that give nectar the high benefits compared to other regions in the world. Our environment has mountains, coastal plains, deserts, and even farms that guarantee a high quality floral variety. In addition to our honey we also produce all that comes out of the beehive, not just honey, such as wax, pollen, etc. if available. We also make natural products from the beehive, such as soap, furniture polish, etc., if there is a surplus in good condition so as not to be thrown away.

Bee Ways

Service area: Jeddah
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