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Currently Delivering Only in Jeddah

Al Falah Farms

Khulais, Saudi Arabia

Al Falah Farms

The farmer's farm was started by three young partners, run by them, Omar Ali Reda and Riad Istanbouli. They agreed two years ago to start producing local free sheep. In fact, this farm was established in Khulais on the outskirts of Jeddah.

With the common values and morals between Azka Company and Al Falah Farms, a team from both sides worked to build a special facility for slaughter in accordance with Islamic law and the etiquette of the slaughter process, such as the basmalah and the comfort of the carcass and its submission to slaughter, and that each sheep be slaughtered alone without being seen by other sheep, in consideration of what was stated in the honorable Sunnah of the Prophet Unfortunately, this rarely happens in other places of slaughter, as this is done in open places, which puts the sheep in a state of tension and fear until the time of slaughter.

It has been proven to our experts that the meat produced by the farmer’s farms has a distinctive taste and texture, and it is one of the excellent meats, rather the best locally and one of the best international meats.

All our customers are welcome to attend the slaughtering operations to ensure compliance with the ethics and Islamic law in the slaughtering operations and they can book an appointment to visit them at any time.


Transparency & Honesty: We believe everyone has a right to know. We care to show our clients how the animals are doing. We aim to embody the noble verse ‘Then let the human being look at his food.’ Q 80:24

Love & Compassion: Animals feel. We want to embody the prophetic way of treating and slaughtering animals. Good food and ethical slaughtering is critical at Al-Falah Farms.

Sustainability: We care about earth. By being local we aim to reduce food miles and increase the production of our local breed. “We made you vicegerents on Earth”

Fair Treatment: Our farm workers are at the heart of our mission. We ensure respectful treatment and giving them their rights. “Give the employee his salary before his sweat dries.”

Al Falah

Service Area: Jeddah
Size: 46000
Type of Farm: Farms