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Al Madinah Dairy Farms

Unnamed Road, Bi'r al Mashi 42541, Saudi Arabia

Al Madinah Dairy Farms

Milk and Dairy Farm City Farms is a family farm specializing in high quality natural dairy products
Produced by global and local baskets of livestock.
With less than 300 cows located on a farm spanning more than 250 thousand square meters. This wide space
Animals roaming creates a stress-free environment with high-quality nutrition resulting in delicious dairy products and
Rich in cereals, fresh custard, and yogurt. The farm is owned and personally supervised by Mrs. Deeb Khashoggi, and his son, Mr. Tamer Khashoggi.
The owner of the farm treats his livestock in a wonderfully compassionate way. He gave a name to each cow. The young calves (baby cows) remain together after birth and this is not found in large farms as a family farm. You can notice the harmony in the work between the team and the farm owner’s appreciation for his workers. The farm does not use any hormones to feed the cows or any unnatural foods.

Their amazing products include a wide range of high quality cow's and goat's milk, yoghurt, cheese, butter, cream and eggs.
They also participate in supporting the community by serving their food to mosques during some days of the week as well
blessed month of Ramadan.
According to the experience of those who have tried their products, old and new, with a distinctive taste, they have different products from milk and its derivatives.
We believe they are one of the best specialized producers in their field and we are proud to offer their products to our customers for a healthy alternative to their families' dairy needs.

Al Madinah Dairy Farms

Service Area: Jeddah
Size: 300,000
Type of Farm: Farms, Producers